There Will Never Be Enough Time

There are only 24 hours in a day. If I get 8 hours of rest and work for 8, there goes 16. I spend about 4 commuting to and from work. The next 2-3 my wife and I are checking homework and getting the kids ready for the next day while trying to meet one another's needs. That’s our version of quality time most days. I could easily say there is no time left, but this is all the time God has granted. There’s no time to label a day good or bad. I'm grateful for any above ground. I have the now in today and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, that’s it. My day begins with prayer covering the family and it ends with praise that we all made it home safe, everything else is extra. Prayers are consistently answered on an on time basis. I can only speak life into the atmosphere and birth the possibilities that obedience and opportunity agree upon. There’s not enough time in the day to worry about things I can’t control. God has already fixed it and worrying will undo all the praying I think I’ve trusted. My faith is in getting through the day and loving every moment is a must. There’s just no time for me to be who I can’t. The job deserves my best effort and my family needs me to be present. My joy resides in meeting whom ever God places in my path. My goal is to make their day better the same they have blessed mine. Every greetings begin with a smile. The hugs and handshakes are genuine and free. We all have an opportunity between the stressful moments to simply breath, relax and release. They prepare us for each blessed encounter until we complete the days journey. Don’t feel defeated there are no scores or games to lose. We only have one life to live and can't choose. If God gives you today you’re winning for sure. Amen

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