The Sun is Will Always Shine Behind the Storm

The clouds are a warning that a storm is coming. Every storm causes a climate shift. There is no gradual change there is the storm and in comes CHANGE. All weathermen tell similar stories. They don't lie but their accuracy is pretty close or way off. Their predictions are close enough to accept but never perfect. The prediction and the symptoms of destruction described by the antics that come with the storm allow us to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Whether its total destruction or nothing significant happens, the storm will be there with or without you. The funny part about weather is that you can predict that every time a cold front meets a warm front the storm represents when and where the change is going to take place. The worst part is that no matter how many storms you go through the cycle is the same. The storm has power, strength, and direction it rains on you and when it passes you must decide how much clean up is necessary to continue on with life. It even serves a purpose, to change the climate virtually opposite of its current condition. Over time the seasons change consistently at the same time every year. The day’s temperature may be different but the timing of the storm is always perfect. Trouble don't last always and suffering can be determined by how deep your struggle wants to comply. Everything can't be God or the devil's fault sometimes we're in the wrong place at the right time. The best way to prepare for where you're going is to know that regardless of the storm you don't have to play in the rain. When we must go through we do. It's tough and we persevere because staying in storm until it passes is not an option. The beauty in every storm is that behind those clouds the sun is still shining. It's not fighting to remove the storm it knows that it's all temporary. Anger, doubt and emotions are temporary. They stay as long as you hold onto feelings like a principle matters more than an opinion cares. They're the same only separated by self righteous perspective and entitlement. The only way the emotion is effective is if others appeal to trying to heal your feelings and become victim to the tactics required to make you feel some sorta way about how they choose to treat you and you empathize with being mistreated. You can't control the storm, but you have every right to seek God's covering to protect, rule and abide in the peace his comfort consistently gives through prayer and meditation. The storm was never meant to be yours to claim. The fear and condition of the storm will never disrupt the covering God provides. Stay under the covering of faith and obedience and the storm will only matter if you choose to fear what the weatherman predicted. Perfect days don't care about the weather. It only matters that you make every day perfect. God provides them whether you like it or not. Amen.

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