Today IS the Best Day Given

Of all the things I'm most grateful and thankful to share is unconditional transparency. What you see is what you get.  My life changed when that became my only option to make it in a world that didn't make me anything that God could use.  We all desire to look or be different, until there is a cost associated with the transformation.  Weights can't lift themselves and I won't be there to pick them up either.  Bodybuilding is not my calling or gift. I like going to the gym I have friend that lift weights there. I like being healthy...No I like making healthy choices and have limits to what I will sacrifice to remain genuine.  That all makes sense as a sentence.  The reality is that if it don't agree with what I've asked God for in prayer it's probably not something I needed anyway.  The best friends are those that respect one another's beliefs. We compliment one another on our best days and honor that if we feel differently it will not ruin the relationship.  I'm most thankful for the growth that must take place.  As we go through we must grow up to become what we aspire not what frustrates our selfishness. Life lasts only as long as you live it one day at a time.  Days are too short to take for granted and people are too precious to use. Be who you can trust and enjoy they people God sends you to choose. Not everyone will stay or try as hard as your efforts allow, but be mindful that you are a portion of their answered prayer that reveals how good life can get. Be thankful for the time you have to make a difference in words and deeds.  They will develop a hope for tomorrows that can't be guaranteed.  Be resilient to never give up on God and prove to yourself that giving up is not an option.  Even if you should and life is in your body you've failed at giving up, because you still have time to make a difference. You matter even if you feel you don't, put that on repeat if necessary.  God will bring you people to reaffirm you are liked, loved and they care even when you doubt.  It matters that you live until you can't. God placed you in the perfect place with enough to share and sacrifice so give what you can. At the end of the day it's the end of that day, know that God gave his best and you've done the same. Amen. 

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