Grandad's Time

Throughout life there's this theme of winning and losing that shapes how easily we attach how good or bad it is. I have never lost anything I didn't need, only things I've wanted. I could always minimize or marginalize moments of loss with a cliche'. "God needed them more than I did", is my favorite.  I've lost one of the greatest people on this earth, my grandfather. God only saw fit to give me the best of  his time, patience and love.  It was enough and I am deeply honored to say that we knew each other, but God knew him.  God knew his family, and we were covered.  He provided prayers of protection over us and gave us all that he could. I was truly lucky to be a grandson.  I can't repay him back or give him anything of value that God hasn't already provided him in living an abundant everlasting life.  As people we give one another time. Time is the only thing we have when we have nothing and all there ever will be when they are gone.  The time we take to cherish loved ones is so important.  Whether you appreciate or avoid people, there will be someone who appreciated the time they could have with you.  My grandfather gave us all his time. I don't know if anyone out there knows what it's like to spend time with someone that enjoyed life, loved to laugh and worked to give away what he had  to those that didn't.  That was my grandfather, my dad. He is with me in spirit and the hard part is knowing that we can't spend time together until it's my time.  I challenge you all to spend quality time with loved ones not to see if it's worth your time, but to enjoy what God gives you before he needs them back.  I will live this life with all that he shared with me. I will give all that I have to be genuine and transparent.  I write in honor of him to share with you that life has nothing to do with winning or losing, it's all about the time you spend loving one another without fear and in transparency. You are the time you spend loving others. That's what God knows about you. Amen  

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