Peace Begins With You

How much do we truly understand peace? Fear is obvious, there is no peace of mind or trust that it will be ok. Fear has its own reality. It does not respect time. It has no rational only a helpless emotion to cower at the idea of a misperceived threat. Time is relentless, merciless, and unforgiving. It knows you can't out run or stop his effort to always leave you in a past it can't forgive or forget. Peace has a moment that can shield you from fear and remind you to never waste time worrying or fearing how God is answering your prayers. Peace provides enough balance that you must stay consistently in alignment with your prayer life and faithful obligation of service to maintain the anointing over your forgiveness that manifests strength directly from God. It's like a relaxing swim without knowing the water's depth or where the pool ends. I know what the fear of drowning is all about. You either can’t be still enough to float or you’ve overthought how easy it is to allow the water to hold you. Swimming becomes muscle memory with floating as an option. I've never seen a shark in a swimming pool, and God has prepared me to make it in an ocean of opportunities with a pool shark’s mentality. I often say the words "too easy". Sometimes it's hard to say, but I must. I don’t forget who God is and I’ve been. There is nothing too hard for God. My peace is more than a shelter, it's my refuge and in that place God is waiting for me to use what he has supplied as place to rest my soul's anxiety. It's where my understanding of things only He can resolve are carried. So everything goes into prayer and is delivered to God. I can't tell you how many times 2+2 will equal 4, but when I question if it can be 5 God says I didn't give you that burden to carry. So with my cross I carry daily an understanding that every day I will sacrifice something to achieve peace and what I have sacrificed will stay nailed to that cross and die to my own understanding. I am renewed with a mentality that understands God's planning doesn't require my strategy just enough peace to be still to allow his will to be done. Amen  

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