When _______ Is No Longer an Option

So today is truly special.  You are the missing piece to something great.  Someone or something has been waiting on you their entire life.  You didn't choose this assignment, but it's yours.  You don't get to choose if you want to participate.  Your calling is calling you. You're it.  So buckle up and enjoy this day in your life. If you're tired find or seek what drains your energy and get rid of it. You know what you want to do. Do one thing to get closer to that goal.  I would love to loose 20, 15, 10 no seriously 1 pound this month and it stay. Well I gotta start somewhere so today I will contemplate going to the gym, baby steps.  It's free there's no discrimination or fear in going or being allowed in. I've been there before. I use to lift weights and run all the time and it felt great. I saw results but I allowed something to become more important than how I felt about me looking at the best me. IT does not matter what people say or do to tell you you're ok. You're not if you hear that small voice of God speaking to the desire of your heart, telling you what and where he needs you to be and do. I just need to make up my mind to get in there, not distract anyone from there workout and get busy.  The plan is simple the execution is as hard as you allow it to become.  The enemy knows your weaknesses because the very things you speak life out of gives him or it the power to attack an already defeated mindset.  You do the easiest part by not putting up a fight to change the only thing God allows you to control, your belief and faith in him.  So let's kick start a renewed plan that starts with forgiveness. Repent and commit to God that you will _________, and do it. Even if it's just once and one day at a time be forgiven and do __________.  Move that mountain one spoon of dirt at a time and eventually the mountain will become a foothill or you will recognize there are better tools to choose from to get the job done.  When we know better and consistently honor forgiveness God can trust us with more than just a feeling of accomplishment.  His grace is sufficient and my obedience opens doors that my ignorance can't find the strength to walk through.  God does not care about who knows the most about the bible, who is the best at praying out loud or even who you perceives that he sees acting Godly.  He cares about you in those tough, dark, lonely places when you know that it's temporary and necessary to be where you are to get to where God is moving you. He cares about your thoughts and if you believe in the prayers that you entrust him to answer. The blessing is in the work and sometimes the work is not fun but necessary.  God forgives debt, insecurity, wasted time and talents. You must get rid of those because now they are the sins he hates. He will allow you to see what he was trying to show in the results of others faith, dedication, hard work and anointing.  It doesn't happen over night it occurs daily.  Start with understanding that your forgiveness is a request away.  Do what you can to deliver in the areas that God has forgiven. If it's debt then pay a bill. If it's insecurity believe in yourself that you are enough. If it's taking God for granted put in the work to allow him to use you.  The Amen is not the end of the prayer but the agreement that while you have a chance to change where you are you can and when God calls you you'll be prepared to serve or go with him wherever that may be. Amen 

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