For the Love of Music

Does the wand attached to his wrist creates music or is music the byproduct of their communication? This is similar to the thoughts and actions that fulfill the great memories that create what love can feel like. The conductor and musicians are attentive to the requirement and there is no wasted motion. These are not commands but an intimate conversation. I can't read music, but I understand how each note captures my attention, my soul, my heart. The musicians anticipate with expectation that when called upon they will apply the perfect note to ensure the ballad is as precise as can be. The conductor does not focus on one instrument he does what he feels the music needs. Love never fails; it's patient kind and keeps no score. In this relationship there is love with no compromise and the feeling is mutual. The conductor loves making music as much as the band enjoys playing together. Imagine if we could communicate with one another the same. We could agree to be in harmony. The conductor is direct in his intentions to be heard and the musician studies his body language to interpret the meaning. The musicians responds in a way that is satisfying and responsive to the need and desire requested. Their conversation in music is translated into a memory only those watching can remember. The conductor and musicians simply move on to the next selection and the crowd wonders how they consistently do it. They talk because they love hearing one another's voices and hearing what they have to say. The melody in the words that complete sentences focus on the intent more than the meaning. They rehearse liking each other when no one's around so there are no surprises when the audience visits. Love is the music you create with those that study, understand and enjoy the rhythm of one another's existence. Amen

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