No Two Excuses Should Be the Same

Today CAN’T have the same excuse as yesterday. Give today an opportunity to be genuinely refreshed with your efforts to believe it can achieve anything you’ve never done before. Make complacency uncomfortable with three actions: an affirmation, a compliment and a prayer. Focus on the revelation that those three things are in the atmosphere and are as real as reading this message. You are  over qualified to live your best life figure it out and make it so. No one else’s judgement matters or is necessary. You will meet great people with beautiful spirits that will compliment your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Your weaknesses are only noticed by the faults you claim. Let’s pray and have faith that God uses us to meet the future of your expectations at the intersection of accountability and execution. I’m on a path to get there one ordered ordained step at a time. I’ll see you there. Amen 

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