When I was a Child...

When I was a child I spoke and acted like a child. When I became a man I put away childish things. Not an original thought, but it transcends growth and reflection. We all know areas where we need to improve or at least fix sooner than later. There is a time for everything and a time to change who you must become to help others. Your circle of influence will reflect your view of the world around you. Five broken friends have ten people each to blame for their past mistakes, consistent transgressions and entitled trespasses. You're either making it happen or allowing it to happen to you. Victims are sure of one thing. If they had the right tools to change the situation they would. Prayer is a tool and where two or more are gathered there is power in the faith God sees in your potential to be obedient in finding a way through it. Most victims don't recognize the threat until it's too late. Every question has an answer and every answer came from a source. I quit asking as many questions when I found a reliable place to get the best answer for my situation. I found it in prayer. I'm not saying it was the perfect answer, but the best that my faith could step out on and into a better perspective. What you become you don't become alone. There is a community of believers that pour into your well being. As we mature we whine less and do more for ourselves to give back. If we are fortunate to become parents or spouses it all synchronizes into one paradigm. You can't get back wasted time on people that mean you no good. You could be the whole problem. Be mindful that petty people promote immature actions. When we know better we do better to respond appropriately or realize every comment doesn't require a response. You will know more today if you learned anything from yesterday. Your words matter. You actions prove how much of your childhood you've put away. Amen.

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