Even If I Could, I Wouldn’t

Even if I walked backwards I couldn't retrace my steps to do anything different. Not even reliving the past would change one outcome. No answers in the mirror staring back at me, just the same look I had before it all happened. The only thing perfect was all the trouble I could find looking for something I didn't need. I can admit I did it all. At some point I didn't meet an expectation and someone was disappointed. I knew better. It would be amazing to be born with no regrets, set backs, or relapses. You were, we were all born perfect. God made me unique enough to have perfect looks, mistakes, vices, shortcomings and GRACE. He didn't provide judgement, but HE keeps giving me forgiveness and a choice. Forgiveness is not a recommendation or a pass. It's the revelation that you are released from the death of your own condemnation, so he can help you decide better if there is a next time. People may not all talk, but trust me they will judge at some point. Their judgement is a self righteous hope that they will never have to trade places with you. My prayer is the same. They wouldn't make any of the decisions I felt I had too. Where I've been I've gone willingly, when God brought me out I stayed. When you ask in prayers know it happens, HE forgives so that you can do the same. Amen

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