When Rest Wins

There are days my body shuts down. I know then it’s time to lay it down and rest both my mind and body. I've been running on empty and the tank has not been replenished. It's in these moments I have no choice but to listen to God. I can't fight with the Holy Spirit or the conviction of my choices. My body is being forced to rest. I can't do anything for anyone else no matter how hard I try. I pray that you all recognize when God says it's time to rest. When you are in his will, rest is necessary. The work he is preparing you to do can't get done if you're always tired. It was never said weapons would not be formed, but you can allow them to prosper even if you never get defeated. Life's score is 1-0. Everyday you get the opportunity to complain or make a difference. The devil simply wants you to feel defeated and the score won't matter. You will feel lost until you are lost. You will always find God where you left him. I'm well rested know the signs and triggers to replenish my spirit before exhaustion sets in. I implore you to do the same. Amen 

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