Safety in Numbers

So we think there is safety in numbers. Where two or more are gathered there will be words, thoughts, and gossip. The spirit of your associations will predict how you will be individually attacked with words, deeds or misfortune. This occurs every time people separate after a conversation or visit. Will or Can you be there for one another when the enemy appears and you are not around? The devil divides us in any way possible. “Ingenuine” thoughts and actions deprive us of true connection.  It hurts our feelings when we hear our deepest secrets meant to be held in confidence. Be mindful and careful of the role you play as  a friend.  The key to connection is growth. Friends are meant to be friends; lifelong, seasonal or fair weather y'all decide. They mature, change, fade, and keep in touch. If faced with the choice or opportunity and you can't help them please don't harm. Let them be blessed without you. Even God has mercy. Judgement is a reflection of ones personal past experience or determination to put someone else's fault in place of their own "gabage". Wars have two enemies and a battlefield of victims still waiting their turn to survive. Just as dangerous as gossip, the insurgent waits for the most vulnerable opportunity to attack with one intent: destroy the spirit from the inside. There's a full body of armor that can protect you from any weapon formed against you, wear it with pride. Don't let friends be the weapon the devil chooses against you. Their words can hurt more than sticks and stones. Pray for and with one another it makes a difference. Amen 

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