Who’s in Control

Nothing can control the thoughts you act upon. Balance is the key to perseverance. "No" is universally understood in every language, use it wisely. Survival rides on the determination to remain relevant to the world around you. Living with your decision(s) come as a consequence to every challenging obstacle you choose to face or recover to from perceived failure. We become flexible and conscious of the obvious pitfalls that keep us in the same do loop of mediocrity. We either get comfortable with the frustration or move out of God's way to be in his will. It's been said time and time again, you can fix dumb with a book but avoid stupid at all costs. There is no recovery and the stories become exaggerated after the first time you hear them. Don't worry or care if anyone acknowledges if or how many times YOU change. We’re not in control of God’s grace or the level of patience your destiny can foresee. I’m humbled by the answered prayers I’ve witnessed and not said. I can’t promise any of my tomorrows in the days I’ve been blessed to waste. Life and the days we share in forgiving one another to love others is a miracle in itself. I will use today for what it is. My best and last day to worry about anything yesterday couldn’t control. Amen

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