Eyes Wide Open

The first time you open your eyes it’s to eventually blink until they’re closed forever. That’s a lifetime. I want to focus on that first time you realized how wide they were opened. The moment your eyes, mind, patience, and understanding became wide open. It comes at that moment when you’ve had enough experiences to discern immature actions and the thoughts that lead others down their path of options. You don’t ask why you pray they see what God has shown you in their possibilities. Fortunately, you quit fighting against the grain long enough to realize who you can be instead of who you hoped saw you as valuable to their time. The interpretation of how you grow and change requires no one’s permissions. If you fail no one will know and there won’t be a status update to share unless you share it. Everyday is the introduction to a new phase of a consistent you to experience. The power to remain faithful and consistent will cost you a price no one can afford. Imagine trading your life for salvation only to be disappointed by a lie you told yourself. Don’t lie to yourself is the first sermon of many you must preach and believe to allow your self worth to become priceless. That’s when God will trust you to serve others. That gets revealed in the tests that are shared in testimonies can show in real time or HD. The passion to live on purpose forgoes every selfish thought that put you before the needs of others. The first step is to live in the authority of integrity. It allows your “no” to mean and your “yes” to bless others connected to the blessing. Amen

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