3:45AM Comes Quick

Our days start at 3:45AM, that’s the morning. We’re enjoying our morning commute listening to a great sermon. It’s how we begin each day. The message will be put into practice at an opportune time. We have no worries or control of what will happen next. We understand that we are prepared and equipped to make it through the ride before we separate for the day. There is symbolism in the image. The line connecting us is providing an affirmed message. When we rise and affirm that God is in control and we will bless one another and sacrifice as necessary to fulfill God's will over our life together. How we feel will translate and be applied to the life and circumstance we contribute and participate. As we ride the train we are not alone just not worried. Our days are sealed in prayer. Each day has purpose, passion, peace and prosperity. We look forward to tomorrow with no regrets from today. God gifted us one another to work together to trust that God is leading us in the best direction. Amen

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