This Penny Right Here

I picked this penny up. I couldn't nor did I try to figure out who it belonged. It's only a penny it doesn't feel lost. I flipped it over and asked Abraham why was his face on the ground; the penny had no answer. On the flip side it's value will increase my value of wealth. Regardless of by how much it's more than I had and all I had to do was pick it up. I'm capable of reaching it and it's right in front of me with no obstacles. We have all had these penny (petty) moments. The penny will never know how much it means to the the amount it adds value. Plenty of people and opportunities will pass you the same as this penny. The penny has a person on one side and a place where God placed him on the other. God made you a whole person with real intentional abilities to make a difference just by being available and present. Some or most people will pass you by, God won't. Unlike this penny you can pray, ask and reach for God's hand reaching to accept you. That penny will lay there not ever knowing what it's like to be picked up when it's needed and added to a value greater than itself to contribute to something better. It's not perspective when you've been blessed to contribute to something greater than what you think of yourself. Amen

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