Dig In, Dig Deep, Trust God

How strong we think we get through adversity hopefully prepares us for everything we could ever possibly endure. Strength's end game is to make you endure what God has not given you to deal with yet. This is the devil's best place to address the weakness you have been preparing for now. The reaction to the terms of the problem are more scarier than the sin you contemplate. Faith has more resilience than strength can endure. Anything you think meant to harm you can't. Faith allows you to assess that at a minimum God has the situation under control. The devil will defeat the judgment of ones strength because it depends on your ability to solely cope with where you thought you were. Faith never waivers, gives in or gives up. Faith is as present as God is real to you. Be steadfast and faithful to know nothing can harm a child of God. Be strong enough to let IT go and give IT to God. Faith's only gain is increased faith. DIG IN, DIG DEEP, BE FAITHFUL. Amen 

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