Climate vs Comfort

The humidity adds as an extra element to weather. It can get uncomfortable, feeling a little hotter than forecast. No matter what you do the humidity is still there like a bad habit that feels great. It would be nice to avoid it, but it's tolerable as long as no one can see us sweat. It only gets hotter as the people around you complain about the conditions. Seems contradictory but the weather can be fine but the conditions are challenging. The same can be said about relationships, finances or health. X in the grand scheme of things is fine but Y is an uncomfortable place I'm tolerating. The more you express your discomfort the worse it seems to get. Prayer does not change the problem, it opens the situation to healing so God can bless the circumstance. The cycle then returns to your praise. When God is present your worry can disappear. When you are annoyed the devil can easily get comfortable. Once you speak that negative illustration into existence, the first agreement confirms complacency in the situation to allow division in the atmosphere God created and it challenges your blessings. You will never change people or the weather. God can breath life into the death of any situation if you can praise through your circumstance. Amen

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