The Truth Phenomena

There are phenomenas that can only take place at a prescribed time or place. The Million Man March, A REAL PHILLY CHEESESTEAK (from Philly), and the birth of your children. In each instance if you've had the opportunity to experience or see anything similar you were left in awe. The magnitude of the event, taste or emotion left your mouth wide open and your mind racing to compare the moment. That moment of clarity is rare. No matter how much time has passed you remember that state of pause. No cameras and no witnesses to co-sign your validation of something so great. There are surreal moments that change your motives. You become more aware when you love the truth and can smirk when a lie is staring you in the face. The irony is that the lie has a life of it's own and needs your acceptance to inspire the next adjective to give it attention. God meets you at the moment between the knot in your throat and the truth you tell. Speak it. When the convictions becomes the the jury no bail is set. You're locked in a familiar place with only one way out, the truth. The choice becomes yours to live with a consequence of confidence that God is the difference and your integrity means more than your shame. The truth is a phenomena to anyone that chooses to remain on the sideline and whisper in criticism. Amen

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