Striking Your Match

The friction caused to strike a match doesn't take much strength or agility, but the process is remarkable. The resource of heat has so many priceless applications. The flame that provides the heat is not the most important part of the paradigm. A flame provides light, heat, and power. Friction is the catalyst of power. When there is friction two unevenly yoked forces press against each other; no winners or losers, but beneficiaries of effort. In the midst of friction a spark occurs. Opposites forced to create an unrealized common goal in an image never seen before. The creation of the "hope of change" exists in any situation possible. In order to see the spark there must be a relentless desire to resolve the pressures against one another with a PUSH (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS) and  a PRESS (PATIENCE RESISISTS EVERY SELFISH SENTIMENT). The force of your way versus God's will inevitably evolulutionizes your motivation to be better or at least see past your hope. Once the spark creates the flame it spreads to anything willing to use God for everything around them. Internally as you exert energy to make a point an effort is made to confirm or deny your belief. The spark finally ignites the flame when you know God has provided evidence of the unseen for you and others to witness. Once a flame is born it can never become a spark again. Amen

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