The Enabler’s Principle

I truly understand that people are not perfect. In that imperfection is a trend that can make you the candidate of an enabler. We all have had a problem or had to release some baggage. Some people recycle problems while others carry their own baggage. They meet circumstances along their journey that entitle the choices they make. You can become the target that can enable or disable their motive to hold others accountable for their choices. The past is the easiest source of pity to identify. You can't change it. There is a fact that something happened and if you feel some way about it that justifies your emotional reasoning; acknowledge the problem identified has nothing to do with you. Your perception effects how you understand it. How you are enabled or advised will make a difference to how soon you release the baggage. Everyone has an inalienable right to feel; it's personal to you. You must deal with it on your terms if you know how you got there and decide to move forward. God never assigned emotion, but the conviction of the heart or mind is an indication that there is a spirit of righteousness upon you. Fear of anything is the emotional abandonment of hope forsaking the foundation of faith that saved you from sin. The emotion to blame others reflects that there is a flaw in your concept of forgiveness. God will be the judge of all faults, we must ensure our feelings do not divide our faith while minimizing our hope. There is limited time to forgive when you blame others for all that you were blessed to never endure. Amen 

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