A Change in Seasons

There is a reason some friendships are only for a season. As you grow you require a different level of attention the same as they require better friends. Regardless of when they come or how you go know that it only means God has something different for each of us. The term of how or where we meet is as fundamental as what we consider funny. If we're laughing together or at someone else means a lot. If the fuel of our communication never grows past them or the latest who did what, insecurity becomes the weather of our season. We fall off when they find better a climate or we become satisfied with the humidity around us. Every season spawns change and growth. If they get too hot to hear the truth they'll be cool enough to live a lie. Distance will also test the fidelity of a friendship. The quality of time shared acclimate the distance between your mentalities. God changes the spirit faster than the season can change the temperature. We only hang around long enough to see if God will allow us to communicate, otherwise it was great knowing we have nothing in common regardless of the time of year. 

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