When Effort Decides

Effort has a way of showing your willingness to be obedient. It does not take a lot of effort to be yourself. As you mature you refine your actions to prevent certain consequences. There is an effort to stay on course and if you don't there is a harder effort to not get caught out of place. Finally we come to a point when our efforts are not enough. We have to accept that we must all change for the better. When we seek Christ we're looking for a saviour. Once we find him our salvation is based on examples of trust, patience and obedience. The struggle is only as hard as the task. We make the REST hard. Salvation's goal is to quell the unnecessary suffering due to our own choices. Salvation brings peace so the REST can be in God's time and your patience. When we make a decision the choices do not matter. You can never find what's in you until you examine the why and how your thoughts and actions. The burdens of our troubles are generationally transfered, internally transgressed, or self righteously motivated. The guilt of knowing you need to change but won't is worrisome. As we undertake change grow with God daily. One day it all just clicks. Nothing is easier than being at peace and growing in Christ. The frustration is showing others how easy it is. They will test how much you know about Christ by how much God they need. Prove nothing and show them everything by the grace and mercy of your tongue and love from the heart. Everything else decides for itself. Amen

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