The Spirit of Peace

Everywhere you go know that you carry the spirit of your trust with you. If you trust that something bad will always happen it can. The toughest days to struggle are usually the days that seem the most boring. Nothing to worry about and everything to remember. It feels awkward initially to have no worries; no looking over the shoulder just chilling. That pause preparing for what's next is the time to regroup and review how blessed you are and where you can apply the proper energy to maintain humility. God is speaking in this moment of calm. There are no notes to take or tests to pass. This is peace. Live long enough to appreciate birds singing, the seasons change, and loving unconditionally. If those are bucket list items you just discovered hope. You can't buy peace it's provided through obedience. There is a guarantee with peace. Peace humbles the heart eases the mind and listens keenly to the subtle breeze on a clear day. Peace can divide the time between everyone else's problems you think you can resolve. God seeks to deliver righteousness to uncover peace in our relationships. Peace is what we all desire in common. God's peace is not measured by time or distance it's just the moment you realize HE's in control of all the peace we seek to find between us. Amen 

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