That “ING” Part

Ones truest intentions are in the “ing” of the action required to execute a possibility that only faith can offer and obedience can't deny. Life is about LIVING. Love is about LOVING. A fight is only a word unless there has been fighting. Kung Fu, Jujitsu or Krazy the “ing” has a moment it’s getting done. Prayer is nothing unless you’re praying. Praise can’t release bondage unless you praise through it happening to you or in the gap for someone else. It or something happens to remind you of the “ing” that you must decide to use. If blessing you is all that these words do then God has used us both to give and receive. Oh yeah that "ing" part is surreal and most times you ignore it unless you hate doing it. Until you love what God is doing and equate to the parts of the whole being you are becoming it will bother your timing to understand the process you must endure to grow in the relationship where you must trust in things you can't control. The “ing” has a giver and receiver component that are responsible for applying the lesson learned in doing the thing that only God could prepare you to do and them to witness. You can't bless me in the midst of blessing you. You've blessed me by allowing this moment to take place. These aren't just words on a page. It's an "ing" in the awakening of the spirit that will grow and manifest in all the things God is doing in your life and mine as well. Thank you for your time and support. Amen

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