Between the Line of Conscience and Integrity

There are these two line I refuse to cross. At the far right of my conscience I will not nor never sit my children down to explain to them why we can't be a family and to the far left of my integrity I will not ruin accountable endearing friendships with gossip or distrust. I balance between those two extremes and stay as far away from those thoughts and threats as possible.  I never claimed to be perfect, but looking into my children's eyes and promising to be my best self is a pledge that I keep close to my decisions.  God has presented some angels in our lives that remind us that it's not hard to be happy, obedient or accountable.  Friends must make an affirmed commitment to build one another up and not allow anything to separate them from the prayers God promised to answer.  Our children's behavior will mimic these relationship as a sign they understand how far from that line of conscience integrity they will cleave to the God you trust. Amen

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