Good Morning it's Monday

Good morning it's Monday, again. This is no one else's Monday this one belongs to you. Do yourself the favor and create the atmosphere that you can appreciate by affirming that you were worth last week's Friday. Nothing got in your way that your attention didn't entertain and today you meet another day that happens to be called, "Monday". It's not a mistake your eyes are open you're reading this and your eyes are following every word even this arrow ----------> Monday ain't no joke. Of all the fears you have don't let what you perceive others are thinking of your preparation for this Monday be a thought in your mind. They're not prepared or ready to address their Monday and yours looks real easy. The first step to defeating any ideas of failure are to get up and never think about laying back down until you've completed that first task. Success should be your first task. It comes with some implied attempts like preparation, anticipation and execution none of those "tions" rhyme with rest or laying back down to dream about where in your prayer asked God to participate. It can all be yours, but you have to get up to get to it. Selfishness has a genuine appetite to be aware of your need to aggressively not apologize for succeeding at what you need to suffice for the moment. That itch will resonate every time you become depleted in one area or every area that needs your attention. That itch and motivation differ in one sentiment, the patience to see the health meal instead of a morsel with no nutritional value. You must be willing to eat the words that make sense to your passion, but you can't get there unless you're prepared to eat Monday with or without a napkin. Good Morning it's Monday, God gave it don't waste it. Plan for Tuesday while you're at it. Amen.

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