Operational Moves with Strategic Motives

I cherish every genuine moment possible. There will be strategic times and operational sequences to events that predict the return on investment between communication and dialogue. The most genuine moments occur on the inhale and exhale of thoughts. Our thoughts contribute to the strategy needed to change those moments. Synergy created motivates us to take steps that are in the sequence that benefit us the most. It’s not selfish, but it’s intentional. God uses what he gave you and you make the choice to be used. Everyone will not give you what God showed you was possible. They tend to give what they have left after experience has used their best efforts to be transparent and accommodating. You are given one life to live. We plan how great that life can or will be in the space between birth and death. We mitigate those outcomes with feelings and emotions until maturity forces us to be patient. Life will be what you plan or it chooses. God chose you to live this life with your choices to give, do or be. Recognize what you receive in using what God gave you to bless others beginning with patience. Amen

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