Unpredictable Weather

Mood swings or weather, which one is more predictable? The weather has a forecast and it can be predicted that every time a cold and warm front meet there are thunderstorms. Ten times out of nine you will meet a mood swing after it has swung. It can come out of nowhere and you can be the stimuli or the victim without choice or provocation. Imagine coming to a point in your life and this time it’s your heart. It’s not broken but tired of missing out on joy so you choose God and cast your worries, fears and the past upon in him through prayer. Things will begin to fall outside of your perspective or be placed in categories of priority versus principles of self righteousness. You will begin to view the moment as time where you can contribute to the crazy or allow God the honor of blessing stress. You must separate yourself from it to have better days and live with others that can agree weapons may be formed but never prosper in changing the love, peace and serenity I have in trusting God. Amen

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