The Doors that Lead to Seats

There’s a door closing today. It may be locked once it’s closed, but it had an opportunity to be opened. Not sure who, how or why but an opportunity opened the door. In a measure of time it was opened and people walked through that door freely without hesitation or provocation. It wasn’t good or bad, intentional or unintentional, entitled or segregated. The door was open. Life has a door, careers have doors; relationships allow opportunities that open and shut those doors. You may or may not be in the equation for how or why that gets open, but you do control getting through it when it is. The pathway is always clear. You must determine if the pathway is clear enough to navigate or negotiate through your excuses, pride or ambition to follow a chosen path to walk through the doors that bring you to the room where you have a seat at the table. Getting through that doorway is solely your responsibility. Will it be that easy? Only you can judge what you ask God to do when you come to doors that have been shut in your face and time. It matters if you get through the door and if you care that it shut. A knock on the door is all that God needs to know you would like to come in. A feast is prepared at his table for you to enjoy YOUR seat. Amen

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