That Aha Moment

There are those AHA moments that show you how far God is willing to deliver the desires of your heart. Remember you asked for what he didn’t say was for you. It can hit you like that piece of furniture that assaults your big toe in a well lit room. The pain of remembering the obvious place your arrogance failed to help you outsmart all the folks not woke enough to pick up what you were laying down. Remember what you seek you shall find and nothing is hidden, it's just not understood from your perspective. I challenge you all to speak life to and through the trials to be a living testimony. When God delivers you through the valley of uncertainty remember the hill you had to climb to come out. Looking back at how far God brought you is not the victory. It is that you walked in the promise of God's will that no harm could take that type of protection from you. It didn’t kill you no matter how many times you died on the inside. Know that NO matter how deep the valley fear no evil because the enemy is terrified of your faith. Neither wins the battle for your destiny if you never go where God is leading. The enemy so petty he needs you to doubt that God loves you unconditionally and in spite of your thoughts. Take one step out of that valley and realize your being elevated to new heights of awareness, passion and testimony. Amen 

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