It’s Great Seeing You - God

I saw an old friend getting on the train as I was getting off. We exchanged a handshake hug and in seconds I was on my way and he was on his. A few seconds later I received a text. It simply said, ”Brother! Good to see you this morning! May God continue grant you increase, be with you and keep you from harm!” Those words resonated in me to move forward and not worry about things God is already doing. I thought it was only in my efforts that God saw the needs and desires of my heart. The greeting and the text allowed me an opportunity to let go of the past and forgive myself for doubting God was included in this journey. There will be moments that make you question if you’re going to make it and others that confirm you’re imperfect enough to make a new mistake. Forgiveness allows you to relieve the devil of the responsibility to co-sign on your thoughts. God forgives. We can also. We do not have to be burdened with second guessing what God can do through our faith, talents and obedience. It’s ok to forgive people and circumstances that distract you from God’s task and purpose over your life to bless others as he has blessed you. I will not fear the unknown, because I know that God has put that transgressions, trespass and lie behind me more times than I put it in front of his promise. I will not live with or in anger, disappointment or sadness. I forgive those that I had expectations of being who they never had to be in my life. I know it may not be easy, but giving up on God is not an option. He gave me today and all the sacrifices and offerings made were worth those word and his promise in the answered prayers I almost forgot. The coincidence, the confirmation and a simple note showed me that God forgives my doubts so I can live in the promise that salvation through him provides. Amen

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