The Monsters You Make

There are these monsters that intimidate those around us while holding us hostage. They don’t have hands, but they touch your spirit in spots that aren’t fair to your virtue. Mine is nicknamed stress. It’s qualities are the overwhelming need to compete and keep up with life in general. Stress sometimes partners with distrust and they make a trifecta combination that is hard to fight. They sit in the back of your mind use your eyes and name call. Every mirror you pass they scream stuff, “like you too fat, skinny, or not smart enough to do X.” These “Jokas” are relentless. The monsters turn every conversation from the potential dialogue exchange into a defensive combative chess match of comments designed to tear you down without regard for the big picture, grace. These monsters morph into an “insecuritype”. The insecuritypes are miserable spirits that can’t find any resolve or peace to appreciate all that God has done with the patience of people that allow them this level of entitlement. Insecuritypes become a virus that can lie dormant as long as the fruits of the spirit can defeat the spread of the fear into your happiness, joy and peace of mind. Once these monsters get into your mind and spirit it’s hard to defeat the thoughts that create insecuritypes. God created you as the perfect super hero. Your very own super hero to save you from you. It matters that you know how powerful your relationship in God matters to your psyche. Trust that everyday is worth the best thoughts you can conjure. It’s essential to the life you dream of having to become the reality you trust in faith, obedience and the comfort that no monster your mind can imagine will defeat the life or promises God has made to you and those that trust God as much as they know he loves you. Amen

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