As I Reflect

In the mirror of guilt is reflection. The "me" you saw isn't the me that "did" what I have to face. If I couldn’t and wouldn’t have seen it how I would have grown without the experience. I've survived the consequence long enough to make a new one. The change you see in me is the reflection of resilience through the trial of my own convictions. They judged and God forgave me. I’m living my best life one day at a time. I don’t need the mirror to look at what God healed no one else can see it either. I’m trying my best to enjoy life between two extremes ignoring my critics while critiquing how to accept my best effort under those circumstances. Experience has shown me it will get better. I no longer look for what God hadn’t promised. I see the best life has to offer through the windows of opportunities obedience can afford and stress can’t offer. Amen

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