Pencil Lead Strong

Today’s message is about being a pencil. Imagine being a pencil. God’s hand over your life leading and guiding you to write the vision that you will live in spirit is what I live to write about. The God given choices you make throughout YOUR life will press you hard enough at times to break you at specific weak points or times. There are thoughts to the words we use toward others that can’t be erased but are written on their hearts and they can’t forget or forgive. It’s the pressing that forces you to apply just enough pressure to make a mark on this paper called a blemish or a mistake that you try to erase with time that’s not yours. There will be times you wake up feeling sharp careful about what you say or do because people listen to what they read and it shapes an environment in which they love, fight or flee. Pain hurts enough to avoid, love satisfies enough to stay and happiness rarely gets a genuine vote. The point is that you as a pencil can feel sharp or dull from day to day. You must realize that when pressure breaks you at that tipping point just as you’re about to make one, it’s too late. You have to go through that ugly stage of making a point relevant enough to be legibly read in the context of the meaning you intended to be understood. Once you say or write it’s in a past that remembers how you made it feel. When God is doing the pressing you change how you make your point. The pressure required reminds you of a time when you needed to be squeezed to make the lines straight enough to make two of the most important letters that matter the most to God, I and U. I won’t press U to be what God has not written on your heart. U can’t make me feel what God hasn’t shown me about our purpose to serve one another. If we can’t God will reveal why. God gives closure that erasers don’t need to struggle to fix. Amen

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