All By God’s Design

As I look back over my life, I ask what have I truly contributed toward making the world better. The light bulb was already invented. I was too young to make the internet my own idea and all the apps were taken before I made one that no one needed. I looked at what God had done with my life and never doubted that it would get better but then what’s next? I had to accept that I asked for salvation at a time when my trials couldn’t withstand their own tribulation. I couldn’t count on my own integrity to be accountable. I could still remember my worst lies to figure out new and better ones to protect the one truth I understood. I didn’t like or accept me. I couldn’t look at who I’d become, but felt this change I couldn’t control. It all changed when I became a parent. As a soldier I understood the rules, but as a parent they change all the time and twice on holidays. My children would now have to learn about a world I faked liking; from the people to the work it took to be “successful”. My children needed my time, attention, affirmations, praise, forgiveness and integrity. My values versus God’s tests guess who submitted. Yep that was a quick fight without a punch thrown. My heart ached from brokenness only God could heal. Nothing has ever been the same just better. As long as I looked at winning I was losing and the love received in every hug and teachable patient moment with my kids revealed who God is, was and continues to be. I was his child and I hated being called names and until I learned who I could turn too for the assurance in what my purpose was and name is, it all came together. I am a man, son of God and father of children he’s allowed me to borrow. They’ve watched me throw tantrums and grow up in a matter of hours. We’ve prayed as a family and they told me I was a great coach even when we lost EVERY game. God will show you how great and unconditional his love is through those you serve with what you have not what you think of yourself or your needs. The accolades may seem small, but your life and the lives you inspire are God designed and sent through you once you trust him. His love, will, grace and mercy will be seen by those that need it the most through your praise, service and testimony. Your life is that testimony that answered a prayer you never said. That’s the difference you make in the world daily. Be what God designed. Amen 

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