Marks On The Wall

I have this mark on the wall for these goals I want to accomplish. In a month I will take another Army Physical Fitness test. When I was young I wanted to do the most push-ups and sit-ups then dust who ever thought they could run faster than me. I was underweight and hyper. I never got a perfect score I surpassed it a few times and became bored with that goal. I will pass this bad boy with a few push-ups, sit-ups and a brisk jog, but I ain’t sweatin’ it. I have 11 more before I retire and eventually I will walk, I’m just not sore enough this time.  That’s a month from now, today my smile will brighten a room. Every name I ask will know I want to especially remember them specifically. Every handshake will connect in spirit and confidence. Today is the only shot I’m getting and that’s it. My mark on the wall for today is to be genuinely connected to loving every moment God exposes an opportunity to make differences. The same as the PT test you have to prepare your mind and body for the good, great and stressful event you can mitigate. You also have to embrace rejection, insecurities and remain resilient in the face of anticipated adversity. I will meet and see God’s perfection in the people he’s made for such a time that we can both be grateful to see another day and know that the smile, mindfulness and respect we have for one another won’t be taken for granted. Prepare for your TEST!!!! God will provide you answers through meditation and prayer. Don’t allow that mark to mean nothing. Amen

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