We Cool..

It just dawned on me that no matter how much you pray for someone, something or anything to change it won’t if the relationship stays the same. The flip side of that coin is that you both must know God, trust God, and believe it so regardless of the current circumstances. If I want to lose weight my relationship with food has to change. My attitude in clothes will change. My body image and awareness will be energized. If I don’t change the relationship in content, context, comments and the communication it gives and receives; those with a choice and voice will not be made aware of my personal conflict with our energy. So let’s review. I sought God, he revealed who I wasn’t in the choices I made that depressed me and deprived others from my most genuine attributes. My heart changed to seek salvation as a refuge and truthful existence. I could be honest with myself and accept that I could change anything that validated my forgiven sins and move forward never looking back. You wanna remember it have fun, I did it and lived through it. So many people were put on “we cool” status. It wasn’t their fault we wouldn’t and couldn’t get closer. What God did with me wouldn’t benefit them and we weren’t meant to live the same lie so we have this cool space that will separate my expectations from your consistency. Some people still catching on that I want God to deliver them the same as he did me, so I’m getting out the way until he brings us back together through his will. Don’t be afraid to live in the freedom of being cool with cool folks. God has given me some Brothers and Sisters in Christ all different shades of beauty. He has allowed me a renewed Spirit to love who you are not what I wish you were to me. It’s so easy to give compliments and talk to the soul of people that seek God and allow him to use them. I could go on and on, but your time in Christ is more valuable than me sharing this experience. I love the Lord and I ain’t afraid to be cool with people that don’t know how close he will never allow us to become except through him. Amen

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