A Legacy Without Excuses

Exceed everyones expectations or rise to your most significant level of mediocrity. How far we get means nothing if there is no legacy left behind to improve the generational brand. Let's see, we were created in HIS image, perfected, made whole and presented to this world on our birthday; what a blessing. Be released from the trials of perception, HIS will is your acquittal. Your acquittal is granted if you can follow the leader. A path is set and your experiences show you what right looks like. Are you willing to get it together enough to set an example others can follow. Win, lose or fail someone is watching how you get it done. The return on investment is when your experience becomes the blueprint. Be aware that generational curses and legacy legitimacy hinge on your effort and consistentcy. My spouse and I have master’s degrees our children will be inspired to achieve PHD’s. They have no excuses and will not incur our debt. They simply have to follow the blueprint God provided us as an answered prayer in having them as our responsibility to mold. Obedience will not allow you an excuse to not be who God ordained you to become. Who you are today will see the you; you wish to become through envy, jealousy, mentorship or dedicated arrogance to never ask for help. How you achieve success means nothing if you have no one to teach, share, talk to or communicate with. IF it’s just for you to be proud of achieving what death don’t care about have at it others will see through your intentional selfishness to be great. The realest statement ever said to me was, “ you can’t play stupid and get mad when people call you dumb.” God didn’t make me how I feel. He designed me to serve, lead and foster healthy relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Some relationships are impersonal all of mine are concerned with the genuine connection to Christ and how his forgiveness gives us a chance to love one another unconditionally. Amen.

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