When Will it Be My Turn?

The revelations uncovered in ministry are the testimonies felt during the sermon. The message speaks to you at the point of entry it’s either confirmation or correction. The Holy Spirit leads one to share unforeseen expressions, visions or even ideas that can help others through their trial, tribulation or trouble even if they can’t benefit from the message. Being available as the vessel to carry the message is a symbol of obedience that must be adhered to. The key is having the faith to endure your own unanswered prayer when and while God gives you the answer to someone else’s problems no matter how many times it happens. What happens when you see others benefit from the testimony of their most challenging time, but you are hurting during your worse? The fear of what exists on the other side of their trial is presumed to be more devastating than what they have already experienced, witnessed or understood. Yet you still encourage them to believe in God in spite of your situation. Sharing a God sent revelation or testimony for their vision forces you to accept that God has something for everyone in his own timing and ways. Timing is the synchronization of your faith during the critical breaking point of doubt. God gives you the confirmation you feared the most but needed to remain faithful to his will. Most do what alleviates the pain right before being healed, transformed and set free from their own personal bondage. The mind is attacked at every weak thought to push you closer to your excuse and away from HIS testimony. The devilish spirit attacks the mind and we watch the body follow. The words you choose due to stress can forsake the favor of God that was delivered unto you through the repentance for your sins. His sacrifice was Jesus Christ and yours must begin with patience and end with faith. The “WHYS” of life have a fundamental purpose; to receive an answer you will never find in man. The answer is simple, SAY what God can do and watch the miracle through other's blessing. It’s a matter of grace and mercy when you receive yours. Your time to praise through the circumstance is the moment you feel like giving up. Cling to God’s promise he will never forsake your faithfulness to trust in HIM alone. Amen

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