That First Day I Said...

As I contemplate today being my first day as a vegetarian it brings me to a familiar place. The change wasn’t sudden, abrupt or emotional, but intentional. I stopped looking at the restrictions and can appreciate the freedom. I actually feel lighter and weigh less. I’m more conscious of what I put into my mouth than what comes out, sometimes. The change is not change to me, it’s all a part of the plan to provide energy for steps only God can plan, guide or imprints in the sand my feet use to get stuck in. I don’t feel weighed down anymore. I don’t have to use “if” or “when I get it together” statements. All I have to do is keep on doing exactly what God has shown me without excuses or reservations. I’m willing to transition from sacrifice to become the vessel. It feels great to publicly acknowledge who you are and what you’ve become through answered prayer. When I gave my life to Christ the family, finances, problems and stress went along with it. When there was increase God was there as well. The change that occurred on the inside was an agreement to do more than trust a process to see if we could comply. The pull on my heart to see that letting something good manifest felt better than allowing it to keep me hostage. The beauty of all of this change is that it costs nothing yet gives so much. When you invest you research and read about what you’ve become. Before God restored me I knew there was a calling upon my life. I had to get over the results I had not seen in myself. I had to get over who didn’t believe me. I had leave it all behind. God replaced all that stuff with the fruits of his labor through my efforts. I can only do my best and check the text to see who else may have struggled better or worse than me. They gave me the best advise to become who God designed in his image not who you try convince others you can be through a routine of your reputation’s behavior. Today is not my first day as a vegetarian just the day I decided to share my struggle is now my blessing. Amen

PS. Share a recipe or two.

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