The Lies Impressions Tell

There’s this internal judgement that some things will never change. Even if they do it’s a fluke coincidence. You still who I always thought you were. If your expectation is to be dissapointed by the effort that achieves failure in your view of their potential, check ya self as quick as possible. That’s a powerful revelation of entitlement that one should be careful about utilizing to hold others accountable. You fail until you succeed and the heavy part is that none of us live for one another. We live out of the survival of those first two elements that attracted parents to coexist to trust one another to conceive you in ideal, on purpose or mistake. If you can survive birth living should get easier. The worst thing we can do is to be grown trying to impress someone that will never understand what it took for you to get here. Here will always be the middle. If I met you today we in the middle deciding if and to what degree we can connect. If we hit a tough patch and know we want the relationship....we in the middle of making our lives better. The point is that if God doesn’t judge me based on who I think he is. He trust me based on the deliverance we’ve grown through together. Pleasing people will give me recognition that won’t get me into heaven. Love has no specificity it accepts the salad for the nutrients it provides, not the diet that never works. When someone finally impresses you be mindful that your approval is an acknowledgement of fears you’ve never had to live with. You either uplift or tear down and hurt people only know how to hurt people. They don’t get good at inflicting pain on the helpless people that want to love them in spite of there own flaws. They make more people that feel its necessary to make people earn their behavior as a right of passage. In the end they become religious to validate the hell they take others through. God can’t protect you from you. He will leave you in the spirit of your efforts to seek attention from people that don’t know any better. Eventually people see you from a mile away and won’t entertain the crazy. You know if this applies to you if when a child of God enters the room and you react to the perfection God just presented with judgement. God’s watching how you treat his children. They are protected, covered and approved to be where he has led them to serve. How about you? Amen.

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