Happy Thanksgiving

I would implore you to consider these two things TODAY as we move into this Thanksgiving season. The sun will rise and set with or without your appreciation. Appreciate that God didn’t consider what you do or don’t appreciate to be grateful AND you could read these first two sentences not caring either way. I always think back one year to the day where was I and what lesson was God preparing me to endure. I remember feeling like I didn’t have time for it and God pulling me through what I thought was my hardest challenge in faith. Not that he hadn’t already proven he loved me in spite of my selfish conniving ways of the past, but he pulled me through and I share versions of a safe invulnerable testimony with others as a badge of courage. I’m grateful I learned not just through that but even through this tough time I’m with God and he is in me. To be WITH someone in the moment and during the trial to share a testimony is magical when you can recognize that you won’t recognize who you were when you were separated from Christ TRYING to please people that can’t love you the same. It matters that you know it’s not about you, but about those seeking to be in relationship WITH the God that can trust their apprehension isn’t fear or worry. It’s truly wondering if they are worthy of being the blessing someone else needed to see and seek God to make IT through that one day. It’s safe to say when I look back on today next year I will remember that God saved me from my apprehensive anxiety to be accepted as worthy of his love INTO being WITH him as we serve others to show them the same. Amen

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