Complacency’s Attitude

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong, but everything that could be right hasn’t happened yet. The validation we deserve or the truths not yet revealed frustrate our self righteous attitudes as we attempt to blame and shame others with their own guilt. We feel some sorta way when complacency has run its course and doing anything or than laying blame or pointing fingers is an option wasting time allows. We all have feelings deep enough to get into, but ya can’t live there. This life and those feelings are temporary, but necessary. If you love long enough you will realize that people will love you until they don’t like you anymore. It happens. You hashtag# those sentences with,”I said you loved me.” Again, that’s temporary because they know you love them enough to be there when they need you. My prayer is that you can be or you’re both surprised at who feels more entitled to be forgotten than forgiven. It matters that you know God cares enough to comfort you in your feelings as he is removing from harms way. All pain ain’t bad it should be a reminder that healing through a process has begun. When you’ve been so blessed that there are no problems and you can recognize when you have the issue. Deal with them before people have a vote to not deal with you or your attitude. Miscommunication can be resolved with a great conversation and compromise to love one another despite that moment of discontent. Plans can be resolved with a watch, calendar and calculator. Your issues can be resolved with God’s love, their patience and your accountability to seek where God is ordering your steps and get there. If you know you are where you are and why, disregard the above message, but if you want better, get better at praising through all seasons and honoring the blessings you miss being. Amen

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