Don’t Forget Your Coat

This morning I want to share with you the trial and testimony of a coat rack. Yeah, a coat rack. It usually sits in a corner near the door always overlooked but great to have around. People temporarily leave their coats or bags there until it’s time to FOR THEM TO leave. I have forgotten a lot of coats, bags and hats on my own or others coat racks. It never bothered me until mine broke. I had stacked so much stuff on the limbs until finally one broke it created a dominoe effect. I never noticed until it started leaning. I no longer had a use for ITS purpose and got a new one strong enough for more crap. The difference between you and a coat rack is that you can say and OR do something about all the temporary things being placed upon you to hold and deal with outside of God’s plan and timing to synchronize the blessing coming your way. Don’t get it twisted you will chose and want to wait stand stagnant and hold some stuff being nice, but not the baggage people leave you to deal with as if it belonged to you. There are three things I’d like you to consider: 

1. Understand your load restrictions before reaching to hold what God hasn’t prepared you to keep. 

2. Be considerate when hanging your jacket on someone’s coat rack, don’t forget it’s yours. 

3. Be prepared to donate that jacket you forgot you left. If you needed it you would have remembered to take it with you. 

God never designed you to carry or hold the load. He gave you strength to listen without judgement or becoming vulnerable to make it about you. Just like the coat rack the more you look like you can take the more will be dumped on you until you break. Be kind and remind folks that they must remember to not leave their jackets with you. We all have a closet to store the things we chose to hold on too. God will find a way to bless you with a gift someone else couldn’t appreciate. Those jackets need a cold body to comfort and someone that won’t forget how valuable they are to them. God found you when you sought Him and has loved, provided and helped you unselfishly serve others. You had to donate some jackets when God blessed in the moments seasons couldn’t effect. Amen

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