Those 2 Way Mirrors

There are some things we all fear. Some people hate clowns others ghosts or goblins. I despise mirrors. I don’t look in them. For the longest time I didn’t know which side of my family I favored more. I was afraid to look close enough to see. I am a confident fella. I never worried about my looks per se. I am uniquely handsome if I must say so myself. On a scale of 1-10, I give me a 9.5 only because I wanna be fair to those that already agree I’m a 10. I hate the reflection of the words I’m guilty of using to judge myself before I figured out God made me in his image. Every time I had doubts I would look in the mirror and verbalize who and what was against me. It was ridiculous to watch the words bounce off the mirror and pierce my spirit with negative energy that I embraced. I watched me not speak life into my own spirit. I got tired of seeing my arch nemesis. I named him HanC. It was my own acronym HE.AIN’.CARE is what it stood for. I didn’t care about nothing that could care about me. My negative reflection was my affirmation. I had to walk away from all the things I said and did to hurt my low self esteem. God showed me who and how he made me through those that allowed me an opportunity to serve a greater good. They became the reflection of what God said about us. You can be your worse critic. You can have the most negative impact on your own future. It matters what you say and how you feel about you. No one else’s opinion can change what God can hear you say about the miracle he created. God can’t tell anyone else about you. It matters that you give yourself grace in every opportunity available. God is listening to you on the other side of those mirrors. Amen


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