My Mind is Made Up

When your mind is set it takes a lot to convince you anything else will work better than your experience has seen. I’m convinced this is not always the case. When your plan fails to meet expected returns on investment your strategy takes a deeper look at the cause. Egotistically, we would like to blame anyone else and the system, but sometimes it’s you and not you all at the same time. There are generational curses that plague how you’ve been assured your way is the way it will all end up being regardless of your efforts. The sad part is that it could be if you allow it. Here’s a thought. Break the cycle no obliterate the entire circumstance of causes that create mediocrity. What happened before you doesn’t have to be the excuse your legacy bears. I’m a living testimony changing that narrative daily. I will not fail at serving my community, family or God’s assignment over my life. I use to say I CAN'T fail now it’s I WILL NOT give it an option. There’s a huge difference between those two thoughts. The more you pursue the love and live in the obedience that a relationship in Christ affords; through your sincere efforts it will all change. The stewardship of responsibility will lend itself to access as a trusted agent and transcend you to become a servant leader. Lead by example exceeding a standard that can inspire others to give of themselves what they can’t see right now but there faith reveals and they speak life into the fruition of its existence. That part can happen overnight, your transformation will take until you trust that God can trust you with the promise you made to one another. That promise is to love one another without compromise and to do all that you can to never doubt he loves you unconditionally. Amen

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