The Process that Leads US

The function of any process is that there is a visible beginning, end and a clear path to get there. The connective tissues of agreement are linked to actions that provide discernable predictable results. Love starts with attraction and ends with undying respect and admiration. The friendship should be as visible as the joy shared in being with one another whether professional, platonic, or romantic. The process develops a friendship or reliable agreement and it has variable phases and depths of strain or tolerance. It can be applied to one person or a group of people. When you get to the respect portion at the end of one revolution of the cycle and evolution takes place. You clearly recognize if you’ve found a friend, enjoy the relationships or tolerate one another through agreed upon boundaries where lines are not crossed or blurred. I classify myself as an individual worthy of friendships with deep connections that respect the growth will show us over time, space or season. It depends on us to work toward that common goal. I also recognize that I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. That’s ok too; we can just BE cool and it will still work out. There’s one relationship where my time and energy will be invested and divested all at the same time. It's in being what God has called me to be and going where my steps are ordered. I think we all have that pursuit to find purpose, passion and position, but on our own we make mistakes that put us in cycles to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It's not that I will never make a mistake trusting or judging my own discernment of others intentions, but that I will never question my God's love for his people. I love people where they're at and I'm grateful for where we meet. It's the labor and honor to meet people genuinely where God can use them as we help one another heal, grow, and manifest that same energy on a consistent basis. Are you willing to grow through that process accepting that you will be required to share things you've bottled up? They come out during the conversations that provide room for you to grow closer to God as you love one another unconditionally.

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