Open Doors

Every morning I get on the train and the announcer clearly states, “Next stop _______.” The next sound is an automated warning informing you or anyone it applies to stand clear of the doors that are about to close. Three things I know for sure just happened:

1. You know what direction the train’s going. If you're confused plan accordingly.

2. The conductor doesn’t care why you're on or not on the train that’s going to leave once those doors close.

3. The warning to get out of the way whether you're getting in or off the train is clear; the doors are closing and so is that opportunity.

Life is just like those train doors.

Get on and be prepared for the next stop. It's coming be ready or miss where you thought you were going. Nothing belonged to you when you got on that train, it was waiting for everyone prepared and ready to ride. Clear communication entitles your process of understanding or intellect. If you hear to listen you become aware. If you listen to hear you will always be ready to question everything being said. Listen to understand and hear what's being communicated, but ensure dialogue is available so that you grow with the messenger. Understand that God will clear the path so the doors can close behind you if you're sure you want to take the train.

Everything will not be because of you or what you desire. Sometime you're in the midst of a miracle taking place to increase someone else's desire to believe faith should be stronger than their own belief. It’s better to be confined to your faith as you ride with God than to fear falling off the belief that open doors allow anyone to get on or off when they choose. Remember you can choose to do anything at least once. God will decide if he's pleased with those choices in the end. God wants to hold you close while you decide to move together. Feel safe inside the train once the doors close.

Finally when you arrive at your destination; be sure you take your baggage with you. Yes!!!! Take your baggage with you and leave it where it needs to be left. God will allow you to keep what you don’t trust him to fix or get rid of with love, dignity and respect. Some train rides take longer than others. Be sure to reflect on why you left one station in life and decided to get to another. There was a plan with no compromise to get there. God wants you to trust him with your heart, trust and fears to arrive safely to bless others. Leave the ride to him and be lead to succeed where he has taken you and doors are opened for you to prosper. Amen

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