Are You Easily Entertained

Happiness is achieved in the moments you’re entertained. Frustration is the culmination of stress at the breaking point of revelation. Being blessed is never wondering when happiness or frustration will settle in, begin or end. Consistent praise ignores all that craziness in order to allow you a complete focus on God's purpose over your life. Your decisions dictate how much you trust God or anyone in your life. From finances to relationships, happiness will not sustain any measure of success that their faith can’t endure. Through faith there’s joy in knowing who’s truly in control and who reaps the benefits. I'll give the answer for free. It's a win/win with God and those that trust God in giving freely to the kingdom.

It starts with an awareness to answer the questions that drive you to love or despise hating that feeling of mediocrity. God recognizes your needs, understands yours wants and sanctions the execution of grace and mercy in granting your desires. You can minimize or appreciate how your prayer get answered. No one else will care or notice. You must allow your faith to live in the belief that your sins are forgiven and a new life journey has begun.

You will go where God sends you to serve others and be blessed in the overflow of grace. It will be hard to watch it all unfold, but it will be what you asked God to show you. The reward for obedience is access to the true meaning of transparency. Nothing is lost or hidden in the midst of the walk with God. Total access, no division or competition to belong; a complete love for one another is consistently available. In the end, there no regrets and nothing left to give when you’ve shared what God loves enough to sacrifice for your joy. Amen

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